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Future success for any business will revolve around the ability to identify, communicate and build better relationships with existing clients. SEEMYAPPS emphasizes the importance of capturing healthy and rich membership profiles. We discourage single email registration and focus on collecting details of customers. You have the freedom to pick and choose what data you need from customers and you can add extra custom fields to better acknowledge your members.

Integrity ..

Is your website compiling a lot of incomplete and or false enrolments? Let SEEMYAPPS handle your customer enrolment process in store and or online. Our platform provides the ability to get your customer to supply a valid email, address, date of birth and other critical information required to help your business needs. 

You no longer need to fill up paper forms subject to data entries or wait days to receive registration documents to enter erroneous data. Registrations could be identified by physical address or be limited to unique enrollments. 


Respect bylaws
SEEMYAPPS Digital membership provides your brand with an online secured registration solution: allowing your customers to register and enroll as members while honoring and complying your brand with the bylaws of the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).

Online Enrolment

Easy to Start

SEEMYAPPS MEMBERS service enables your brands to build a Custom web professional-looking membership form in a matter of minutes without any technical experience at all.

Our team will help you set-up your initial registration page.



Customize the information you collect from customers, like their physical address or photo IDs ...


Sign Up

Sign up at the store, online and or on APP.



Member's activation and access is granted once customer validates enrollment. 


No duplicate

No fake accounts permitted: protecting the integrity of your database. 


You can instantly create and promote your registration initiatives through all of your social media platforms: Compel your social followers to join as members to receive privilege promotions or to enroll into a specific event. Our membership service is scalable and can be used for different purposes.


Be Smart

Keep your member database in one place so you can build relationships. You do not need to be an Excel guru nor an SQL scripter: with SEEMYAPPS member service you can easily search and source your desired member. If you need to segregate and classify members on different levels, no problem: we will set it up. You can share the access among permitted coworkers to make efficient effective and essential decisions.
Your membership enrollments updates in real time when new members join or when existing members make changes within their profiles.
No need to consistently import your information into a mail exchange provider to propel any type of communication.  

Online Membership Payments

Bring home the Bacon

If you thought Costco had an ingenious membership idea, wait until you try ours.

Renewal Fees

Ask us how you could charge an annual membership fee and SEEMYAPPS will auto-notify your members to renew annually. Easily generate revenue and view a variety of financial reports.

Track Payments

You’ll have the ability to accept online payments through credit cards. No more chasing members for dues: automatically charge member credit cards for renewals and sends invoices. 


Increase event attendance: your members can register & pay for your conferences and events online. Automatically send reminders to increase attendance or post a calendar of events on your website. 


How well is your member data protected

Many Organizations’ and businesses' feel that they could build their customer lists, VIPs, members on their own. BY simply using a registration page and start enrolling: however what happens to: security / authenticating data / validating entries / inbox reception / developing data from members / who will manage it / how effective will it be / how will you handle it ?
Through SEEMYAPPS: your member data lives safely in the cloud so multiple users can access it from a desktop, phone or tablet. Your data is safe, secure and automatically backed up so you don’t have to worry.


"The way to get started is to quit talking & begin doing"

- Walt Disney


Segregate your Communications & Market to your most valued members. Reach new members — and keep existing members engaged.
SEEMYAPPS MARKETING automatically integrates with your database so you can easily communicate with your members from one system:

- Track and manage your contacts.
- Automate confirmations and reminders
- Personalize every email
- Choose from dozens of email templates
- Track who is opening and clicking on your emails 

Link Members to 


Excite your customers to join and use the power of your program to compel them. SEEMYAPPS: Programs will facilitate engagement permitting you to offer your Members opportunities to earn amazing offers. Welcome them with additional points or advantage dollars for their commitment to register. Promote your membership program to as many customers as possible as you could enable each member to generate digital cards once they've opened their online profile.

Reduce the need for physical cards

Promote the use of digital membership

SEEMYAPPS works with your brand to cost-effectively reduce the need for physical cards and promote the use of digital membership cards. Once your customer has validated their membership enrolment, they will gain access to their digital membership card instantly permitting them to use their digital card as a member.

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Mobile users spend a third of daily media time on smartphones. Gain their attenton through their preferred media device.


Go Paperless &
Engage your customers

Don’t want to use registration forms? Want to offer both? Going green & digital provides your customers with an online presence through web or smart phones. Allow them to view their profiles, accounts and much more through their mobile phones. Our digital space will engage and enable you to
entertain your customers.

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