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Gift cards sales 

help your business 

generate more revenues

Customers may send your branded gift card as a gift to their friends or businesses may order gift cards for their employees. This captivates revenue and gets new customers in your door.

4 easy ways

physical gift cards
digital gift cards
reloadable cards
sell gift cards online

Great way to attract new customers!

Gift cards lure your customers. Recipients will visit your business to conduct purchase, become new customers and may return to make additional purchases.


A gift card sale provides you money in advance for future products or services. The influx of cash remains in your books until the card is fully redeemed. Majority of gift cards recipients will spend more than the gift cards face value. The nature of this marketing tool excites customers to enter the store and browse. It encourages them to find a product that costs more than the gift card’s value.


Market your brand

Your gift card is designed with your company logo and brand which extends your brand's awareness. A valuable marketing tool in your customer’s wallet. Your online gift card design is custom and unique, enabling you to update the card's design anytime via seemyapps portal. Customers choose to purchase your gift card to give as a gift: exponentially extending your brands presence among their friends, family, coworkers, and employees as new potential customers.

Go Cardless &
Accelerate your offer

Don’t want to issue plastic cards? Want to offer a quicker service? Going digital provides your customers with a faster online experience by web or smart phone. Allow them to order and view their digital gift cards through their mobile phones. Our digital space will engage and offer your customers the convenience for a last minute thoughtful purchase.

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