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Grow your sales today!

SEEMYAPPS (SEE MY APPLICATIONS) helps retail businesses like yours to grow their sales and get customers to come back again and again.

SEEMYAPPS automatically engages each one of your customers to

block competition
increase frequency
increase wallet spending
build your relationship

Grant rewards to your customers

Encourage clients to earn points or advantage dollars or free items after a number of purchases.

Give your customers reasons to return. Show them you care and let them know they mean a lot to your business.

You are in control of the value rewarded to your members

- Create your own reward currency
- Create multiple free items
- Manage free items or campaign rewards in real time
- Set terms and conditions for each reward
- View rewards in your personalized Branded Web App
- Create multiple reward levels, identifying different tiers of performance
- Stores can Issue and Redeem rewards from members using SEEMYAPPS software or any partner devices


Your Return on Investment is at least 10 times more effective than any traditional marketing. Embrace our marketing platform and automatically send your customers thoughtful, entertaining and relevant offers by text or email after every transaction.

Engage & Entertain

Engage & Entertain customers in seconds.
Swipe a card or enter a mobile number. Both options are available. That’s all it takes to enroll your customers.


Monitor redemption activities and reports.

Identify your
best customers
& how much they spent.

Your company can use this data to its advantage
and run sophisticated marketing campaigns
that can help grow same store sales.

Your business can be powered
just like the major companies.

As a wise entrepreneur, we ask you:
Are your customers worth listening &
understanding their needs?
At a low cost, great value can be gained
with SEEMYAPPS; a customer centric program
that will bring you results.

Customize each reward

Issue rewards per dollar spent and or provide specific free items after a number of visits. These tools are made available for you to configure and help boost your store sales.



Simply access the SEEMYAPPS portal to manage your rewards in real time. Set your rewards to entertain and engage your customers using social media. Create specific and personalized limited time reward bonuses and demonstrate your programs efforts through your facebook or instagram followers.


Go Cardless &
Engage your customers

Don’t want to issue plastic cards? Want to offer both? Going digital provides your customers with an online presence through web or smart phones. Allow them to view their profiles, accounts, rewards, offers and much more through their mobile phones. Our digital space will engage and entertain your customers with ongoing unique promotions catered to each of them.

We Care

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