Send customized marketing messaging and communicate directly with customers through SEEMYAPPS Marketing email tools. Inform members on your latest events or promotions to encourage them to shop from your place of business.

Built-in email marketing
Personalize your email campaigns
Auto generate your marketing effort like Birthday Rewards
Reports on each campaign
No more exporting data to send out communications 


with member base via email

You segment, create and send your email campaigns. Gather reports and enhance your performance with our integrated email marketing tools. Create your own template and compel your customers through personalized text and email messages. Once your program has been set and your front line is promoting and engaging customers; our system will provide your brand with the necessary tools to keep your customers engaged.


You own your network 

Invest into building a strong network of customers that you own and who wants to hear about what you have to offer. On social media, you could at any time lose all the followers you’ve worked to acquire if your account was to be deleted or suspended. At SeeMyApps, we make sure the information you need to stay connected with your customers is stored safely.

Send marketing SMS to your members
Connect with your members using SMS marketing messages. You can send messages to one or multiple members; it is direct and more effective than email. SMS is chargeable by telecom operators; please revise the pricing with us. 

Empower your communications 

Personalization is a major factor in developing the relationship with your customers. Our platform allows you to communicate with each one of your segmented customers on an ongoing basis.

Use it to its fullest potential.

Target your audience 


You could segment and save different lists of customers: by age, city, province and many other interesting filters to specifically target your businesses objectives.

Master the look of your emails 


Create infinite amounts of templates to help your marketing team graphically address the needs of your brand's products and services.

Communicate in the preferred language 


Our platform enables your business or organization to address your customer base in their preferred language.

Write like a friend 


Addressing your customers in a more personal manner can help you stand out from the cluster of marketing emails customers receive every week. With the reports you have access to, you’ll be able to see if your customers are responding positively to the way you’ve chosen to communicate with them.

Measure the performance of each campaign 


Every email campaign you send, you can see, open and click through statistics. You can access reports through portal anytime.


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