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In an economy where 14.1% of all retail purchases are done online, adopting digital change has become critical and a must to meeting your customers' needs.​ 

SeeMyApps is interfaced with ShopAchat: it provides your business with a reliable and efficient on-line ordering platform, permitting your clients to place their orders in just a few clicks !​​

We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts.
It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better. 
Jeff Bezos

Rejuvenate your business by setting up
a digital platform.​​​

One of the major keys to success for businesses is the ability to adapt to modern and technical development. E-commerce had already hit a record in 2020, and continuing through 2022 is expected to be the first trillion-dollar year in sales.​​​
With more than 300 million online shoppers expected by 2023, retailers need to and must invest to develop their digital marketplace strategy. ​This massive burst, largely impacted by the effect of Covid-19, has widely boosted the development of digital shopping. ​


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You do not need to worry about developers and or web integrators to sell online. We set your online presence from A to Z. Hassle free :) 

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Sit back and enjoy your online sales presence and focus on what you do best: get customers to place orders for your products.


Making each individual purchase a customized shopping experience is a top priority for any successful business with an online presence. Thanks to the ShopAchat platform, you can now provide each client the possibility to modify their order with personalized options while processing their purchase.

Not only will you meet your customers' personal needs, but it will also help you save time for you, your team and your clients.


In 2019, e-commerce retail trade sales amounted to almost 1.85 billion Canadian dollars with approximately 28.1 million Canadians having made purchases online.

With this significant rise in online shoppers, businesses must shift their brick & mortar focus to a digital online transactional space to keep pace with customer expectations and remain efficient. ​

Choosing ShopAchat as your online ordering system is the way to reduce customer wait times and permit you to focus on preparing orders and improve the quality of on-site service.


43% of global shoppers research products online via social networks. Setting up a communication via your social media channels to announce and promote your online ordering solution is a very effective way to create a link with your clients and turn your website into a customer acquisition channel. ​

Online ordering options is perceived by customers to be a more efficient and convenient ordering process as compared to traditional methods. This positive experience impacts customer satisfaction, loyalty and your direct sales.


The number of users expected to use online ordering in 2021 was 821 million.

Growing your online business will not only promote your products and services at low cost, but this will also build creditability, solid brand presence and long term commitment to service. Additionally, the ShopAchat platform will permit your business to develop its customer base with minimal effort. Using automated systems, your business will be able to personally communicate to loyal customers at the click of a button.


By opting for our online ordering solution, you will no longer waste time taking orders manually over the phone.

Setting up an online ordering platform is also a very effective way to reduce costs in your business by minimizing order intake errors and providing your business with the necessary time to ensure quality products and services.​

ShopAchat's online ordering structure fits all type of companies whether you are a multiple store business or start-up boutique.
The ShopAchat system permits your business to save on infrastructure and coordination costs by using multiple tools through a single platform.

Internet has profoundly changed our business culture.​

The evolution of the internet has transpired to e-commerce enabling businesses to provide a way for clients to make purchases with just a few clicks. ​

The ShopAchat online ordering tools include pick up , delivery and shipping to increase your business sales capacity without investing into additional staff or infrastructure costs. More customers, more revenue! 
Get closer to your customers with every online order.

Thanks to a loyalty program presented on the engaging platform: SEEMYAPPS, you can reward customers each time they purchase online and motivate them to return. This is an excellent way to engage and entertain your client's loyalty.​

SEEMYAPPS loyalty solutions can be combined with a 24/7 customer relations management (CRM) tool to take care of customer inquiries, ensure satisfaction and exceed customer expectations.
ShopAchat is undeniably the best way to keep track of each online sale transaction. ​

Its administrative space provides users with performance dashboards, detailed reports and tools to manage products, their respective prices and availabilities in every location. ​ Businesses can identify top sellers and least performing items in a blink of an eye. ​
To top it off, businesses could have their products delivered same-day to customers at a fraction of the cost of standard delivery and shipping fees.

Go Digital & Save time and money​

Do you want to enjoy all of the benefits offered to a business in the digital ordering space without investing extra time and money? Choose our online ordering solution to provide your customers with a user-friendly and personalized experience.​

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Enjoy the advantages of combining your online ordering system with a gift card program offered by SEEMYAPPS: simplify transactions for your clients by enabling them pay to online with their gift cards. No need to hire costly software developers to complete third party integrations.

    Allow your customers to earn points or cash rewards when ordering online with their loyalty card. Reward your most valued customers and keep track of their most liked items, repeated and recent orders online and instore. Demonstrate how important your customers are by providing the same experience: instore and online.

      The SEEMYAPPS referral program incentivizes your existing customers to recommend your services or products to their family or friends in return for the reward of your choice. This will expand your customers reach and establish trust between you and your existing members.

        The ShopAchat digital online ordering solution can be integrated with the SEEMYAPPS online reservation platform. Experience a fully automated system collecting information from customers who use both features. Combining this information provides a better overview of their behaviors and shopping patterns through one environment.

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